Soal Selidik Kajian Kepuasan Bekerja 2018

Sila masukkan No.Kad Pengenalan:
(numeric sahaja tanpa dash)
A1. Jantina Lelaki
A2. Kumpulan Perkhidmatan Pengurusan Tertinggi
A3. Tempoh perkhidmatan di JANM 10 tahun ke bawah
A4.  Bahagian/Negeri/Cawangan anda bekerja: Unit Integriti (UI)
B. Bidang Tugas/Tanggungjawab
1. Saya berupaya untuk melaksanakan tanggungjawab yang diberikan 
2. Saya diberi peluang untuk melakukan kerja yang berbeza dari semasa ke semasa 
3. Agihan kerja saya adalah sesuai dengan skop kerja yang disandang 
4. Saya berpeluang untuk melakukan tugas dengan menggunakan kebolehan diri 
5. Saya diberi kebebasan menggunakan pertimbangan sendiri untuk skop kerja saya 
6. Kesesuaian tugas dengan jawatan yang disandang adalah sesuai dengan tugas saya 
7. Saya berpeluang untuk mengikuti program latihan yang sesuai dengan bidang tugas 
8. Saya minat dengan tugas saya 
9. Saya maklum dengan hala tuju dan matlamat jabatan 
C. Kepimpinan Penyelia/Ketua
1. Saya suka penyelia saya 
2. Penyelia/ketua saya memberi arahan yang jelas dan mudah difahami 
3. Penyelia/ketua memberi maklum balas mengenai tugas saya 
4. Penyelia/ketua memberi sokongan untuk pembangunan kerjaya saya 
5. Penyelia/ketua mahir dan berkebolehan dalam membuat keputusan 
6. Penyelia/ketua berkomunikasi mengenai matlamat dan strategi jabatan secara berkesan 
7. Penyelia/ketua bersedia menerima cadangan/pendapat 
8. Penyelia/ketua membuat pembahagian tugas secara adil 
9. Hubungan saya dengan penyelia/ketua baik 
10. Penyelia/ketua mengambil berat terhadap saya 
11. Penyelia/ketua memberi galakan dan pujian terhadap saya 
D. Ganjaran/Pengiktirafan
1. Saya berpeluang untuk mendapat penghargaan bagi sesuatu tugas yang cemerlang 
2. Saya diberi peluang untuk terus maju dalam kerjaya saya 
3. Saya diberi peluang untuk menghadiri kursus/seminar dan lain-lain di luar organisasi untuk peningkatan pengetahuan 
4. Pemberian insentif seperti APC dan lain – lain pengiktirafan adalah berdasarkan pencapaian prestasi dan kecemerlangan individu 
E. Hubungan di Tempat Kerja
1. Saya suka orang yang saya bekerja bersama 
2. Rakan sekerja saya sentiasa memberi bantuan dan galakan 
3. Amalan saling hormat – menghormati di antara satu sama lain tanpa mengira pangkat wujud di organisasi saya 
4. Program/kursus yang dilaksanakan dapat memupuk semangat kerja berpasukan di organisasi saya 
5. Semangat kekitaan wujud di kalangan warga di organisasi saya 
6. Pengurusan atasan prihatin akan kebajikan dan permasalahan warga organisasi 
F. Kemudahan di Tempat Kerja
1. Kelengkapan Pejabat (komputer, telefon, mesin fotostat) 
2. Talian Internet / Intranet 
3. Ruang Kerja/ Bilik Mesyuarat 
4. Kafeteria 
5. Ruang rekreasi/sukan 
6. Surau 
7. Pantri 
8. Kemudahan pejabat di lokasi yang bersesuaian (Contoh: Perpustakaan, Gym dll.) 
9. Pusat Jagaan kanak-kanak disediakan untuk kemudahan warga organisasi 
10. Persekitaran kondusif pejabat 
Lain-Lain (Nyatakan) All About Compound IL Bosco And Its Additional Benifits
G. Cadangan Penambahbaikan

Cadangan bagi menambah baik JANM sebagai sebuah tempat kerja yang kondusif
The IL BOSCO New Administrative Capital is a household complex that covers 200 acres. About 20% of this land is scheduled for household buildings. The rest is eco-friendly landscape and water bodies. The compound is made to be both practical as well as beautiful. This growth supplies a variety of interior rooms. The Valley features open rooms and areas and the Park has parks and arranged seating areas. The IL BOSCO complicated is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The IL BOSCO compound features elements of sophistication and also sophistication. The entire compound was constructed in a green design by the Misr Italia Business. The compound includes different green spaces that include tropical yards, agricultural terraces, waterfalls, as well as arranged benches. There are additionally breathtaking jogging trails and also strolling paths. There are several services within the compound that make it desirable for households. If you're searching for a residence in Abu Dhabi, the IL BOSCO compound is a superb option.

Other than the houses, the Compound IL Bosco New Capital likewise includes a big mall. This shopping mall has every little thing from designer boutiques to coffee shops and dining establishments. The IL-Bosco compound likewise includes 24-hour safety and security. Those who're interested in buying a home ought to call the firm straight. They are ready to answer all of your concerns and assist you make a decision the appropriate option for you.

The Compound IL Bosco is a terrific selection for households. The amenities and services within the area are superb, and the features provided will certainly make it a wonderful financial investment for many years ahead. In addition to these, residents will also enjoy the proximity to a Metrorail station, which attaches the household and commercial areas. Additionally, there is a large eco-friendly location that offers space for citizens to enjoy the outdoors, inhale fresh air, and walk their pets. The IL BOC is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a place to reside in.

This compound is readied to supply in four years. The initial stage of the IL BOSCO New Capital has actually currently been marketed out. A second stage will certainly be introduced soon. This complicated is genuinely a should for people that are interested in living in the capital. The advantages as well as services of this complicated are unlimited. The location is a terrific location for families to stay in. The area is close to federal government workplaces as well as clinical centers.

The Il Bosco compound is located in the administrative capital as well as offers features to homeowners. Its landscape is beautiful and also the devices are roomy. The Il BOC is a great choice for family members searching for a residence in the location. The location has a great number of features and is close to the city. The area has a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and also a fitness center. It also has a great deal of parking spaces for those who want to use their cars and truck.

IL Bosco is a luxury residential job in Abu Dhabi, and it is known for its elegance and also elegance. The Misr Italia Company created the compound in a green style and also has numerous eco-friendly locations, consisting of a natural garden as well as a farming balcony. The landscaping and walking courses are attractive and also well-maintained. The facilities are amongst one of the most appealing functions of the facility, which is why it is a wonderful choice for people aiming to acquire a new residence in the city.

The new IL BOSCO New Administrative Capital is a luxury residential complicated that has a commercial center as well as area swimming pools. There is also a prestigious retail area on the compound. Along with the domestic devices, there are likewise villas and shops. The job is located on a high cliff, and features huge green rooms as well as a pedestrian pathway. The structure has 247 safety and is near a golf course.

Il Bosco is a management district that lies in the administrative capital of the city. The area is bordered by parks and also eco-friendly spaces. There are several facilities within the compound. A townhouse, a twin house, or a standalone suite can be acquired for as little as 4,200,000 EGP, which includes a 5% down payment. Additionally, citizens will certainly have access to federal government solutions throughout the day.